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Lady Knights Elite

Fight To Be First

Lady Knights Elite: Welcome

Our Values

Practice with Purpose, Play With Passion

Through a Christ-centered approach, Lady Knights Elite is committed to allowing young ladies in our community to experience growth and development through the sport of fastpitch softball and to strive for personal excellence and improvement. We together form one team entrenched with a sense of teamwork, camaraderie, and support for one another.

Every Player and Coach will exhibit the utmost RESPECT for the game, our opponents, umpires, fans and
most importantly everyone associated with this team.

Players will be relentless in the constant pursuit of improvement in their EFFORT, their skill, their knowledge and their
mental approach to the game.

Our goal is to accept nothing less than being COMPETITIVE every pitch, every play, every
practice………every single moment we are on a field as Lady Knights Elite.


We will attack every opportunity with a FEARLESS determination, remaining CONFIDENT in our individual
contributions to the Lady Knights Elite team goals.

If at any time a player or coach is unable to honor the commitments above, that person should willingly pull
themselves from the game and allow a teammate to PERSEVERE on their behalf.

Never be afraid of making mistakes or losing, these are our greatest lessons and opportunities to IMPROVE.

Never allow an opponent to beat us by defeating our SPIRIT our BOND or our CULTURE.

Be HUMBLE in everything you do while playing this game, recognize that every player and team is working
hard just as we are, honor their effort by always showing them the very best of who we are!

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